Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic disinfecting (fogging).... What is it?


It a process used to disinfect large facility’s effectively. 


This process is done with a commercial grade EPA/FDA approved fogger and disinfectant fluid. This is done by the machine shooting a (up to a 30 foot) stream of nano particles of disinfectant fluid. Since these nano particles are so small they dry within 10 seconds. This can even be used on surfaces such as glass with no residue. After this process is done your business  will essentially be 100% covered in these small nano particles proven to kill COVID. In simple terms think of a Lysol can spray. Very similar process just much bigger scale but smaller particles. This process is the same as being used in the heath care system. 


The benefits....


Confidence in employees going to work. Know that their workplace has been properly disinfected.


Improved cleanliness of your business.


Prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. (If surface was infected) 


Prevention of possible shutdown of your business.